A Word for Wednesday

Wednesday’s word this week is dubious.

Well, it’s not that the word is dubious, it is simply that ‘dubious‘ is the word.

Dubious is an adjective.

When we say it about something it means ‘questionable, causing doubt:
‘When asked where his homework was, he gave a rather dubious explanation involving his dog’.

When we are talking about someone it means ‘filled with doubt’:
‘She was dubious about his reply; in class he had always spoken about his beloved cat, Minushka’.

What is the most dubious excuse you’ve ever used or heard?
Tell us about it and practise your English!



2 thoughts on “A Word for Wednesday

  1. Dear gardener. Thank you for your very clear and explanation about today’s word. I found your examples very helful/. I especially liked the cat’s name in it.
    Looking forward to Thursday’s word.
    Rachel xxx

  2. oops, reading my comment I realised I made few style and possibly spelling mistakes. My conclusion is always to check before posting, part of taking words seriously.
    Thank you again

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