The Weekly Wish

This week I wish you a vibrant and varied Valentine’s week.

You can practise your English by telling us about a vibrant place you have visited recently and the varied activities you did there.
(And just in case you didn’t go anywhere vibrant, varied activities you did in a non-vibrant place will also be happily received!)

And remember: if you don’t know the adjectives of the week you can look them up on and then use them here or in your next class!


Here at The Garden we are very lucky as we don’t need to go far to encounter vibrant and varied things – just take a look at the mushrooms we have recently discovered!


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Wish

  1. Dear gardener. These mushrooms are really both vibrant and varied. Must have taken a lot of work to grow them like that, or perhaps they are a figment of a varied and a vibrant imagination. Can you use those adjective in this way?
    Thank you and have a lovely week. Perhaps not too vibrant

    • Hello Rachel and thank you for your comment and your excellent question.

      Normally in English, when referring to imagination, we use the adjective ‘vivid’ to express the idea of both vibrant and varied.

      With regards to your comments, we would like to assure you that our mushrooms are not a figment of the imagination (vivid or otherwise) rather they are 100% real and even glow in the dark, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a very useful characteristic for a mushroom to have.

      Have a great week too,

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