A Tip for Tuesday

So here we are, in the last stage of our adopt-a-word process.

You may have now looked lovingly upon your word a couple of times a day and indeed know what it means. However, to make it truly yours you need to use it on a regular basis.

You can write it in a comment about one of The English Garden’s posts, or in a text or e-mail to a friend or your teacher. You can also use it in class.

And remember: once you have got your word you can start the process again (the Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use, so finding a new word to adopt shouldn’t be a problem!)



4 thoughts on “A Tip for Tuesday

  1. Dear Gardener, I loved your letter to your fairy friend. I wish you wrote one to me.
    I did not find any new idiom/word for today. Is that to do with the new stage you mentioned?
    Personally I would love to have more words/idioms coming every day.However, I completely trust your decision. You seem to be an EXCELLENT TEACHER.
    Will try to do what you suggested about doing the words mine.
    Thank yo ufor your useful advise.

    • Dear Rachel,

      Thank you for your comments which, as always were received with joy.

      If you look back at previous posts I think you will find I do in fact write to you on a regular basis, and with much appreciation for your active interest!

      What we can all learn from this is that one must pay attention to details and evaluate, as well as value what one has, as one may already have what one wishes for (which in the long run can save time wishing, time which can then be spent on useful things like reading a good book, eating a good meal or simply sleeping).

      With regards to your second comment, like with a lot of things in life, there is also a reason for your very astute observation that we do not introduce a word every day.

      Think of it if you will as a garden. You may give the gardener trees to plant and flower seeds to sow, but if he or she does not know where to find water without you, or does not own scissors for trimming the thorns of roses (or indeed cutting Baobab trees when those are still small enough), well sadly, the garden will not survive.

      And so when it comes to learning, much like in gardening, one needs tools.

      Hence, while we aim to introduce useful words and expressions, the saplings and flower seeds if you like (as we do in our posts ‘The Weekly Wish, A Word for Wednesday and The Friday Phrase) we strongly believe that we must also give our students and readers the tools with which to make further progress and it is for this reason we have A Tip for Tuesday and A Thought for Thursday, which look to give ideas for how to learn, as well as things to focus on when using English.

      We hope we have answered your queries and that your English will continue to grow.

      The English Gardener

  2. Hi Gardner, Thanks for The Tuesday Tip, I’m sure it will soon come in handy in my line of business. I certainly got the use of the word “adopt” after you have used it in different tips and ways. Thanks! Also the use of the word “process” is quite clear now. But I saw it can be use as a verb as well. Is that so?
    Have a flowery Tuesday,
    Your Student,

    • Dear H,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

      With regards to your question, as you have correctly observed, the word process is indeed both a verb and a noun.

      To practice, you can try saying this very random example sentence:
      It is hard to process the fact that my friend is in the process of leaving town.

      Hope you have a totally terrific Tuesday evening,

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