A Word for Wednesday

Welcome all to our Word for Wednesday post.

This week’s word is alacrity, a noun meaning cheerful readiness, promptness (speed) or willingness.

And in a Valentine’s themed example, let me tell you about Simon.

Simon loved to help his girlfriend whenever he could, so when she asked him to do the dishes he did so with alacrity.*

What things do you do with alacrity?

Tell us about it and practise your English!


000000000000000000000000000000000000000  *Not based on a true story


6 thoughts on “A Word for Wednesday

  1. Good morning Gardner,
    Can I use this noun in the following way? =>
    My friend Nate loves shopping, whenever I ask her to help me out with buying clothes she agrees with alacrity.

    • Indeed you can Hague.

      And your friend Nate sounds like someone we at The English Garden would really get on with.
      When not gardening we are rather partial to a spot of shopping ourselves, and even more so to shopping for other people.
      In fact, if we weren’t gardeners we would probably be personal shoppers 🙂

  2. Hi Gardner
    Thanks for the new ward.alacrity, which iis completly new to me.
    Now I know that every time I stand in front of a sink fool of dishes I have to wah them not only with soap but with alacrity
    This will add to my satisfaction.

    • Thank you Iz for your comment.

      Knowing you as we do, we have no doubt that like much else in life, you will also wash dishes with alacrity.
      We hope none the less, that your sink is not too FULL (although your sink may be a fool too, but that is not for us to determine…).

      In any case, do remember that if alacrity is not in your veins at a given moment when dishes must be washed, you can always use your dishwasher.


  3. Dear gardener Like one of your commentators above, I too never heard of the word alacrity before. I have wrecked my brain to find some use to the word, as my normal pace is not coupled normally with speed, which is one of the meanings of this word. After long and hard thinking, I arrived at a possible use for the word. Please tell me if I got it right. When Zelda ( not the true name) was invited by her daughters to celebrate her advanced age birthday with afternoon tea, she responded with alacrity. Is that the right way to use it? Many thanks xxx Your student R

    • Yes, that is a very good example, R.

      And do pass our best wishes to Zelda, may she have a tasty tea time with her daughters.

      Incidentally, have we ever mentioned that here at the English Garden we are rather fond of scones?

      Well let it be noted.


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