A Tip for Tuesday

Today’s tip is the last in which we will talk about word adoption issues (promise!).

Yet before we leave this topic, we must address what happens if you adopt a word but never find the opportunity to use it.

In such a case follow these simple steps:

1. don’t panic.

2. congratulate yourself on choosing such a rarely used specimen (at least rarely used by you that is).

3. proceed to find a new, more useful word.



2 thoughts on “A Tip for Tuesday

  1. Dear all at the English Garden
    I find that when I become aware of a new word, I immediately see it in many instances which did not come to my attention before.However, as soon as a new word arrives at the scene, my enthusiasm for the previous one diminishes. Is there anything I can do to improve this situation?
    Good night xxx and many thanks for all these useful tips.

    • Good evening Rachel,

      First of all let us point out that words, much like anything else really, arrive ON the scene not at it.

      As for your question about enthusiasm or lack of it, well, you have two options here:

      1. Accept your disposition and cherish the fact that unlike the non proverbial fish in the sea the number of words is not dwindling, thus there will always be a new one to enjoy, or

      2. Struggle against your feelings towards the old words, a struggle which will unlikely equate to changing these feeling, neither will it necessarily ignite enthusiasm and will, most probably, just take up valuable time.

      We are what we are Rachel, and here at The English Garden we strongly believe that self acceptance is the second step to happiness (the first being enough sleep of course).

      And talking of sleep, it’s our bed time now so we wish you good night and may tomorrow bring you lots of new words to love.


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