A Word for Wednesday

Welcome everybody to our Word for Wednesday post.

Today’s word is output a noun meaning the the quantity produced during a certain time, as well as intellectual or creative production.

Chloe was not known for her artistic output. Her daily output on the farm, however, was prolific to say the least.’

chloe chicken

How would you describe your own daily output?
Is there someone whose intellectual or creative output you find inspiring?
Tell us about it and practise your English!


3 thoughts on “A Word for Wednesday

  1. Dear gardener I’m very impressed by the output of the hen in the photo. She looked so happy on the bed of flower with a mushroom too. I am inspire by my friend Zelda’s daughter. She is creative in many different ways and fields, ( not on the farm like Chloe).
    Recently, Zelda discovered that she can also write with wit and a good sense of humor. We both are totally delighted.
    Have a prolific day ( not sure it’s a correct use of this word.

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