A Tip for Tuesday

clockToday’s tip for Tuesday is all about saving time.

When you come across a verb have a look to see if it is followed by a preposition. If it is, learn them together.

This will save time in class as there will be less mistakes to correct. 🙂

For examples of this you can take a look at some of the verbs mentioned in our Valentine’s Day post, and italicized for your convenience.

You can also click on the tag ‘prepositions’ at the end of this post, and as if by magic, all posts referring to verbs followed by prepositions will appear.


3 thoughts on “A Tip for Tuesday

  1. Dear Gardener
    What a good idea about prepositions. Your suggestions to go back to Valentine’s Day is very appealing. I cherish the clock in the photo. If you can use the verb “cherish” in this way.
    Have a lovely Day. I do think the world of you.

    • Hi Rachel,

      Now an then looking back is good, as long as you don’t overindulge in this activity you might even learn something.

      Re. your use of the word cherish. well,the verb in this case would mean to hold or treat as dear; feel love for, which implies a rather deeper foundation than a brief look at the photo.

      However, if you happen to have a clock of your own at home, you may indeed say that cherish it.

      Hope this has clarified things for you and as always, thanks for writing in!


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