A Word for Wednesday

Today’s Word for Wednesday comes courtesy of our CFO (Chief Flower Odoriser) who goes by the name of Alice.

Alice has sent us this picture to share with you all.

Although we do not imagine you will have many opportunities to use this particular word, if you do find yourself uttering pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (which incidentally refers to a lung condition) we hope it is not because you are unwell.

That aside, we invite you to tell us about a word or words you do use and especially like.
If you feel inspired to do so you can even explain why.

Here at The English Garden for example, we are rather fond of the word ‘superfluous’, which is an adjective meaning being more than is sufficient or required; unnecessary or needless.

We like it because it is a word often used by one of our very dear friends, and it puts a smile on our face whenever he utters it.


One thought on “A Word for Wednesday

  1. I like the verb to befriend, which means “to become friendly with”, because you can use it for people,(ex. Paco befriended Vanessa) or things, metaphorically speaking (ex. It wasn’t until Nathan signed up for classes at the English Garden, that he started to befriend English).
    So, be a friend to your buddies and be friendly to the English Garden, share with them the well kept secret of this blog so they will quickly befriend it and benefit from the wisdom of the Gardner.

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