A Tip for Tuesday

Today’s tip is a four letter word: read.

Now this may seem quite obvious but here at The English Garden we have learnt never to underestimate the importance of reinforcing common sense (something which at times is far less common than one might expect).

You can read things online or off, you can choose poetry, prose or even comic strips, you can bury yourself in a book, peruse a report, or scan some news or reviews. Alternatively, if you wish, you can flip throughreading fashion magazines, car magazines or even in-flight magazines.

Reading is useful because by doing so you can become aware of new vocabulary and expressions, new grammatical structures and, most importantly, new ideas.


One thought on “A Tip for Tuesday

  1. Dear Gardener’
    Thank you for reminding us about the many benefits of reading, to learning a language.Reading your post for today is a point in question. I have never heard the word peruse before, I discovered that I peruse your illuminating and enjoyable daily posts, without knowing I was doing it. What a pleasant surprise.
    Yours always. R xx

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