A Thought for Thursday

As we mentioned last Thursday, in English you can lose your keys.

Apart from that you can lose a game or lose control (of the situation, or a car for example).
Occasionally you can even lose your mind, which means to forget your common sense or become a little crazy.

We hope that if you’ve ever lost control it all ended well, and imagine you might not wish to remember a time when you lost your mind.
Indeed, many of you would probably rather forget the match Barça lost last Saturday.

So, for a less painful way to remember all these collocations you can watch the video and listen to the lyrics of the Cardigans’ song My Favourite Game.


2 thoughts on “A Thought for Thursday

  1. Dear Gardener
    Perhaps I’m too sensitive, but I found this video a little bit too hard to stomach. I’ve almost lost it all together. Looking forward for more flowers fairies or lovely pets to enhance my knowledge in English ( Garden etc.)
    Your devoted student
    xxx R.

    • Sorry Rachel,

      You have a point and that video should probably have come with a warning along the lines of ‘some viewers may find the following images disturbing’…

      We apologise for any distress caused and will be back with more fairies and flowers (or heels and tools as the case might be) tomorrow.


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