A Tip for Tuesday

To improve both fluency and accuracy, when speaking English never translate.

Instead, try thinking in English and this way you will use the structures you know, not structures you translate from your own language.

When you translate it is as though the words in your sentence not only have to jump across a wall but also land in the correct place.

wallThis is not easy to get right because apart from the fact that wall jumping is not the easiest of sports to master (and yes, we are talking from personal experience) sentences are structured differently in different languages. This means that, often, a word’s place in an English sentence does not correspond to its place in the Spanish, Catalan or Italian one.

You might find that thinking in English slows you down or seems to reduce your fluency level at first, but like all muscles, your mind too will become more agile the more you use it so in the long run you will see magnificent results (and without having to put your sportsgear on!)


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