A Word for Wednesday

Today’s word is bliss, a noun meaning supreme happiness or contentment.

As we mentioned two weeks ago, for us here at The English Garden happiness is finding our keys.
So what can be more supreme than that, you may wonder.

Well people, bliss is knowing exactly where our keys are.

What is bliss for you?

Complete the sentence, ‘For me, bliss is……’ and practise your English!



4 thoughts on “A Word for Wednesday

  1. Dear gardener
    As always it is delightful to read your tips. I loved the one about thinking in English rather than one’s own language. I was immediately convinced when you mentioned jumping. I also agree with your sentiment about knowing where your keys ( phone hat etc.) are, it is a true bliss.
    Looking to our lesson tomorrow
    Feel so lucky to be your student.
    R xx

    • Thanks for your comments Rachel,

      Here at The English Garden we are normally rather private creatures, however, to share a personal detail, in our case we believe that our daily loses of small to medium sized objects are a result of a rare genetic condition we believe we have inherited from an unnamed family member.

      Judging by your comments Rachel, we may even somehow be related!

      Much love as always xxx

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