A Word for Wednesday

Today’s Word for Wednesday is elated, an adjective meaning overjoyed or thrilled.

flowers1“It was the first first day of spring, the wondrous yellow circle in the sky was exceptionally luminous and his endeavours to keep an eye out for any dubious places where keys might get lost were working wonders as it was almost 9.30 a.m and he hadn’t lost a single key as yet.

As if that wasn’t enough, on approaching the garden he caught sight of a most magnificent view, the fruits of his labour of love in all their vibrant glory: the pink flowers had finally bloomed.

The smile on his face and the alacrity with which he skipped through the gates, rolled up his sleeves and began weeding were unmistakeable; he was, by all accounts, elated.”

What was the last thing that made you elated?
Tell us about it and practise your English.


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