The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday afternoon

Today’s idiom is ‘a walk in the park‘.

We say something is a walk in the park if it is very easy to do or undertake. The opposite is ‘no walk in the park‘.

Last weekend we attended the annual EPGC (European Parks and Gardens Conference) which this year was held in East London. A particular highlight was visiting Clissold Park with a team of local experts, yet walking outside in the freezing cold was no walk in the park.

Wrap up warm everyone and have a great weekend!



One thought on “The Friday Phrase

  1. Dear gardener
    What a coincidence. I too went for a walk in one Clissold park. Saw the budding flowers and the some pine trees. I especially like the deers. In spite of the bitter cold, for me it was a walk in the park. I did it with alacrity, and felt a true bliss.
    Hope you spend this weekend in a warm place. Casablanca might be a good destination.
    xx R

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