A Tip for Tuesday

Hello everyone and welcome back.

As many of you will have enjoyed the long Easter weekend and will thus be facing your first day back to life, back to reality (to quote the musical geniuses who are Soul II Soul) today’s tip is all about how to cope with this inevitable predicament.

As big fans of breaks ourselves (be they Summer, Easter and yes, even mid-morning) here at The English Garden we are well aware that once these are over it can be hard to get back to the routine of working, gardening, and indeed, learning.

In the case of Easter, your stomach is full of sweet chocolate and your head is full of sweet nothing most probably, so to make the transition back into learning smoother, we suggest you reacquaint yourself what you had learnt last term.

You can do so by looking over your notes, re-reading any articles you worked on or revisiting your favourite English Gardener’s Tips.

If nothing else, doing this should hopefully remind you why you decided to learn English in the first place and thus help you face the future with renewed motivation.

For when it comes to learning, much like when stacking shelves, chairs or even coloured boxes, motivation is half the battle.



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