A Thought for Thursday

In English you regret something (regret + noun or gerund) or have regrets.

Here at The English Garden we mostly try not to, and even if we have a few, well, much like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, they are far too few to mention.

We’ll leave you with his smooth voice in the hope that if you do happen to have any regrets, it might help you forget them (for the duration of the song at least) and to practise your English, don’t share your regrets, forget them, and instead tell us about something elating which has happened to you recently.


2 thoughts on “A Thought for Thursday

  1. Dear gardener,
    I was truly elated with your tip for today, which is not only a tip about learning English, (forget regretting not doing one’s homework, as the case may be), but an essential tip for a good state of mind.
    I have just finished watching the classical film Casablanca, which reminded me of a certain visit to Rick’s Cafe recently. I was there with 2 of my most beloved people in the whole wide world. The memory of which brings a smile to my face. It was simply elating.
    Have a sunny day
    xxx R

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