A Tip for Tuesday

To practise your English look for opportunities to use it. Below are a few suggestions:

  • If some tourists stop you in the street to ask for directions don’t be shy, help them out.
  • If you are interested in a certain topic, say Extreme Bonsai Tree Trimming, look for forums about it in English.
  • If you are going away to an exotic destination, or are day dreaming about doingso, look for information about it in English.
  • Finally, if you are reading this post and need some practice, write a short comment below šŸ™‚

The more you practise the more you’ll progress. As the famous saying goes ‘you’ll reap what you sow’ or, as we here at The English Garden like to put it, ‘you’ll enjoy what you mow’.



2 thoughts on “A Tip for Tuesday

  1. Did you mean what you mow or what you miaow?
    What a lovely cat. If this is your garden, excuse me for saying so, it looks like it could do with a good mowing (not miaowing). However, I know some gardeners are not as animated as yourself, so this lovely cat might be in another garden. Chloe the lovely hen from yesterday’s post probably hopes so too.
    A big hug ( If I may)
    Your student
    PS From my experience you’re absolutely right. Shyness gets in the way of learning a language.

    • Dear Rachel,

      One of the things I have come to learn as a gardener, is that it is not always possible, and rarely useful, to judge just how well-mowed somebody else’s garden is.

      You see, you Rachel, may well be a regular grass cutter, in which case our dear friend Pushka’s garden will indeed appear to be somewhat on the un-mowed side.

      For Pushka, however, this is a beautifully mowed lawn, which she is clearly enjoying (I have known Pushka for several years, and believe me when I say she wouldn’t be quite as relaxed if she didn’t feel she had done a good job).

      The same in fact, can be said for language learning: it is best to focus on one’s own progress, and, more importantly, appreciate and celebrate it. Comparing it to the progress of others is simply pointless and thus a waste of that most precious commodity called time.

      So thanks for taking the time to comment Rachel, and consider yourself hugged back.

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