A Word for Wednesday

Today’s word is the adjective shattered.

The literal meaning of shattered is broken into many small pieces. This is often used idiomatically, and collocates with hopes, dreams and more to mean destroyed.

In informal speech, however (and much more likely to be heard here at The English Garden) ‘shattered’ means very tired.

‘Despite feeling completely shattered he continued working feverishly on his self portrait for the upcoming exhibition.’


Are you shattered today?
Is it because you have had an industrious morning?

If so, why not take a relaxing break, and share something wondrous with us. Who knows, you might find this animates you a little.


2 thoughts on “A Word for Wednesday

  1. Yes I’m utterly shuttered now!!! Hope the ‘Thursday’ word is more relaxing 🙂 Mit Deiner fröhlichen Erklärung kann ich mir den Begriff bestimmt gut merken!

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