A Tip for Tuesday

Today’s tip is all about choosing wisely.

The 23rd of April is Saint George’s day, known locally as La Diada de Sant Jordi. The aforementioned saint is the patron saint of Catalonia, the land where The English Garden can be found.

As it also marks the recorded death-day of Billy and Mike (Thus also doubling as International Book Day), the custom is that boys get books and girls get roses, usually accompanied by a blade of wheat (although nowadays girls tend to get both – just as we deserve 😉 ).

And just as Shakespeare was sure that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, be certain that this information, though seemingly random is relevant to our tip because what is a custom if not a collective habit?
And habits, as we all know are often hard to break, so when you form them, you should make sure you pick good ones.

To help, below is a short list we have put together, and feel free to add to it to your hearts’ content!

Recommended Habits for Better English:
Adopting words
Thinking (both in English and in general)
Not translating
And, now and then, looking things over again….

For now we wish you all a very feliz Sant Jordi, may your shelves be full of books and your gardens full of roses!



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