Another Word for Wednsday

Today this blog has reached 50 followers and so, to commemorate this historic occasion, the second Word for Wednesday is thanks.

Thanks for reading, commenting, liking and contributing, or even just looking.
Thank you to those who have just joined and to those who have been here since before it even started.

For anyone who has come across one of my musings, I hope you’ve found it useful and that it made you think (about English, life or even just lunch) and if not, I hope that it at least made you smile.

I’m including some images which have appeared in previous posts, see if you can remember what words or expression they refer to (if you then click on them you’ll get the answer).*

Anyway, thanks again everyone!

The English Gardener

blissbirdquestion markconfidantsgardening heart

* Ok, I admit, this was in fact just a cheap excuse to get a bit more mileage out of these photos as they are the most time consuming part of creating this blog (the fairies can be quite demanding, often unhappy with how they have come out and therefore requiring many re-takes, Gregory doesn’t stop singing while being photographed and Chloe is very impatient…!)


7 thoughts on “Another Word for Wednsday

  1. Dear Gardener
    What a great idea to use those photos as a reminder of a word or a phrase, or just as a celebration to the eye and heart. THESE ARE SOO LOVELY. They illuminate and enlighten those of us who have been lucky to come across your charming English Garden.
    Indeed I feel priveledge to be your follower from the very first moment.
    As always ,yours
    R. xx

    • A special personal thanks to you Rachel for being:

      -One of the original followers
      -A very positive and vocal supporter of The English Garden and everything the English Gardener writes
      – The top commenter on this blog
      and finally,
      -The English Gardener’s mum.

      (We’d like to think that all these are random facts, which have absolutely no bearing on one another, however, we do have a sneaking suspicion that they are somehow connected 😉 )


  2. Dear Gardener
    Read again your comment. Both delighted and enlightened by it. First time round missed the real meaning. I do need more English lessons, and going to come by your garden for a private one soon.
    Can’t wait
    Rachel xx

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