A Thought for Thursday

A little something to think about when using English

In English ‘to assist‘ means to help, while the Spanish verb ‘asistir‘ would be translated as ‘to attend”.

To help you remember this, Gregory (who’s artistic output is growing by the day!) has kindly written a short poem.

helpful poem(For the many of you probably wondering about the interesting choice of paper, Gregory commented that he chose some old paper he found in his study to make the poem a little more dramatic).

Finally, if you happen to need assistance with anything at all, do write in.
We will, as always, be only too happy to help! (and no, that figure of speech never makes any sense to us either…)


4 thoughts on “A Thought for Thursday

    • Thank you Paco for your very kind words.
      Although it is true that we like to dabble in a bit of poetry writing now and then, we will never measure up to a talent such as Gregory’s.
      There’s no two ways about it, Big G has a way with words; when he writes, magic happens.

    • Digging Gregory is all very well, but trust us when we say that if you ever heard him sing the only thing you’d be digging is a deep hole to crawl into and escape the out-of-tune shrieks (and sorry Gregory if you are reading this, but please please just stop it!)

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