The Weekly Wish


Happy Monday everyone!

This week we wish you a lavish and luxurious week.

While, we are fully aware that this is a little politically incorrect in these times of global economic crisis, we feel that a Boutique Academy’s blog has to live up to it’s name somehow, at least some of the time…

So why not indulge a little and practise your English by telling us about a lavish celebration you are planning or have attended recently or some luxurious accommodation you have stayed in, seen, or perhaps just like to dream of.


3 thoughts on “The Weekly Wish

  1. Hello,

    I once had the chance to be in a luxurious hotel. Everything was really well decorated, but what most impressed me was the lavish breakfast offered. I would have eaten all if I hadn’t woken up a short time before the waiters retired the meal. Although I could delight in eating some of the pancakes, my mind yet remembers how tasty the smoked bacon or the sausages looked like. I hope some day I could get back to that magnificent hotel. Don’t know what I will bring there, but for sure I won’t miss my alarm clock.

  2. Dear Gardener
    My friend Zelda when looking at today’s photo said it reminded her of her birthday tea party her daughters recently organised for her. It was luxurious, though not as lavish as the famous visit to Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca, an event taking place for the same celebration. She has felt so lucky.
    Wish you a delightful,sunny week
    xxxxx R.

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