A Tip for Tuesday

Today’s tip is all about friends.

When teaching or learning English you find out there is a name given to words that look very similar to ones in another language but mean something different. These kinds of words are normally referred to as ‘false friends’. (An example is to assist and asistir which we wrote about a couple of weeks ago).

We at The English Garden however, feel this is somewhat harsh and rather than false friends we prefer to view these words as ‘potential new friends’ (or PNFs). They are not trying to trick you, they are just going about their wordy business and giving you a chance to learn a new bit of vocabulary, and ponder, wonder and celebrate the diversity of the universe and the fact that things can seem similar, but be totally different (which, yes, can be frustrating at times, but is just a fact of language learning and of life we all must come to accept and hopefully learn a lot from).

Like any friend, these PNFs should be appreciated, loved, and thought about often.
Unlike friends, they should be used (and if you really like them you can also adopt them)

Finally, as we are on the subject of friends, to my oldest one, who I’ve known my whole life minus the 5 days she wasn’t born yet, and who I met in a different land and a different language (and before either of us could even talk) I think of you always, love you very much and from across the Med I wish you a very very happy birthday!!


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