A Thought for Thursday

A little something to think about when using English 🙂

In English, when we want to reach someone by phone we call them.
Sometimes we even call two people, but we never call to people.

Chloe, for example leaves a subtle sign as a way of making it known to the rest of us here at The English Garden that she is waiting for an important call and we should therefore avoid using the phone.

We do try to accommodate this somewhat unreasonable behaviour (hard not to when she keeps an eye out to ensure no-one comes near the thing) but always wonder why she does not simply give out her mobile number.

chloe phone

Do you like making calls or do you prefer texting?
Do you remember life before mobiles?
Tell us about it and practise your English!


2 thoughts on “A Thought for Thursday

  1. Dear Gardener
    My friend Zelda likes to call her daughters almost every day. Like Chloe here, she too does not like others using the phone when she is waiting for a phone call or imagines there’s one to be waiting for. She is soooo ancient that she remembers well times befor mobile phones, even times before the land line phone was so ubiquitous. All early last century stuff.
    Much love
    xxx R

  2. My cousin, who is a very succesful buisnessman who trades a lot with Ireland, is always joking about himself, because he commited a long time always the same mistake. He called there and said: ” I’ll will (instead of want) speak with (instead of to) Bob/ Bill/ Susi” and he was amazed/shocked/ confused when people put back phone. 🙂
    I read your also have funny housemates….. 😉

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