A Tip for Tuesday

Today’s tip for Tuesday is all about using your imagination.

If we told you that today we were going to look at the word run the thought ‘I already know this word’ might cross you mind, possibly closely followed by, ‘how boring’.

However, just before you run for for the proverbial cover, one question:
Do you know all 396 definitions for this word?

To this, the answer is most probably ‘no’, in which case you can check a few of them out here.

Now, what’s all this got to do with using the imagination?

Well, to quote a slogan from the protests in is Paris (no, not the recent ones, rather those of May 1968), ‘those who lack imagination cannot imagine what is lacking’.

tea potSo our tip today is don’t be one of those, because when it comes to learning, be it English, tea pot cover knitting, or life lessons, there is always something new to discover.


2 thoughts on “A Tip for Tuesday

  1. Dear Gardener
    Thank you for your relentless innovation to do with expanding one’s understanding of the English language. I recently was lucky enough to visit The English Garden. Must say in spite of using my imagination trying to visualize what the space might look like, I was taken by great surprise. It is truly lovely and inspiring. I highly recommend a visit.
    The gardener himself I discovered in spite of appearing in an image of a frog is a true prince, even before he was kissed.
    yours truly
    R xxx

    • Well thank you Rachel, and in the name of all the fairies, Chloe and the rest of the gang, it was a pleasure to have had you here.

      You may be happy to hear that you left quiet en impression on Gregory, who has been singing you praises ever since (unfortunately for us, he has been doing so quite literally and as you may have read on these pages before, although an unrelenting talent when it comes to poetry Gregory’s singing abilities leave, how shall we put it, A LOT to be desired…)

      In any case, we hope to see you again soon in our neck of the woods!

      Much love, xx

      PS: although I am flattered by the compliments I was actually going for the princess look that day.
      Note to self: must try harder 😉

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