The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms or Friday Afternoon

Today’s idiom is rain on your parade.

If someone rains on your parade, they ruin your enjoyment or your plans.

So enjoy whatever you have planned this weekend, and as well and no one raining on your lovely parade let’s hope it doesn’t rain at all!



8 thoughts on “The Friday Phrase

  1. Hi Netta! How are you? I could say Typsa has rain on my parade by sending me here! (At least for the time being). But I’m sure things will improve. won’t them?

    • Alfons so good to hear from you!
      Typsa rained on your parade – that is a great example hehehe 🙂
      Well, here in Barcelona it has been quite rainy recently so at least you are not missing out on a fantastic spring or anything like that…
      Are you coming back soon?

  2. Dear Gardener
    I was really chuffed with your choice of idiom and colourful phtograph. To rain on your parade is an idiom I use quite a lot. Come rain or sun it always bring a smile to my face, and brightens up my mood.

    • Tutti,

      I am truly touched, however, for me having someone like you (ie. someone who is not my mum – and thanks mum if you’re reading this!) reading and commenting and enjoying my blog – and who knows- maybe even learning something – is the biggest award of all.

      In any case, I hereby present you, Tutti, with the ‘Top Commenter on The English Gardener’s Blog who is not the Gardener’s Mum Award’
      It’s a very coveted title I can assure you 😉

      • Hooray I’ve a lucky streak it rains awards on me! Thank you very much – I feel very honored, and greetings to your mum 🙂 And yes, I love you little lessons – someone must refine my gibberish!

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