The Weekly Wish

This week I wish you a fulfilling and fortuitous week.

To practise your English why not tell us about a fortuitous incident that has happened to you recently or about a project, process or pastime you find fulfilling.

And remember: if you don’t know the adjectives of the week you can look them up on and then use them here or in your next class!



4 thoughts on “The Weekly Wish

  1. Dear Gardener
    So nice to start the week with your good wish.
    Yesterday I went ( with friends) on a long walk. The weather forrecast was scattered rain. How FORTUITOUS , that not a drop was shed on us, and the sun made its appearance for quite a lot.
    I find walking , especially in a green and blooming terrain a really fulfilling activity.
    Have a fulfilling and enjoyable week
    Yours as always
    R. xx

  2. Isn’t it fortuitous to meet someone, who is born on a different continent and lives in a different part of the world, and chat about a village round just the corner? Happy MONDAY to you – may this week surprise you!

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