A Tip for Tuesday

Today’s tip is don’t overdo it. And yes, we are talking about using emoticons.

Now we do not deny that these combinations of punctuations can come in handy at times, and in any language, however, the words at and times should be noted carefully here.

This is because at other times these are either superfluous or simply inappropriate.

So do use them (if you wish) in informal e-mails, texts and comments on this blog, however avoid them in official correspondence, reports or marketing campaigns for flower festivals in Catalan cities (and our most sincere apologies to the marketing department of Girona council for whom our tip today obviously come a little too late…)

emoticonsPS. For all of you wondering, the flower festival itself (which incidentally all of us here at The English Garden attended) was exquisite, magical and very vibrant. Below are a few photos of the installations.


5 thoughts on “A Tip for Tuesday

  1. Dear Gardener
    As you probably know, the flower show in Battersea is on at the moment.
    It brings some colour to the grey days we have at the moment; I hope the flowers show in Barcelona do the same.
    Have a glorious day surrounded by flowers,

  2. Dear Gardener
    Your photos from the Girona Flower Festival manage to convey how vibrant and exquisite this event was. Very colourfull indeed. Thank you for that. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s word.
    xxx R

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