The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday afternoon

Today’s idiom is backseat driver.

A backseat driver is a person who (annoyingly) is fond of giving you advice while you are performing a task or doing something, especially when the advice is wrong, unwelcome or both.

So have a good weekend everyone and if you find yourself in the back of the proverbial car, instead of being a backseat driver why not just sit back and enjoy the views 🙂

back seatClick here for back seat driving at its best!


2 thoughts on “The Friday Phrase

  1. Dear Gardener
    I must try and adopt your advise not to be a back sit driver, as any comment I make vis a vie my mate Iz’s driving almost always leads to bickering.
    Good luck with your projects this weekend, especially this which is linked to cultivating your garden
    xxxx R

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