The Friday Phrase

Fabulous Idioms for Friday Afternoon 🙂

Today’s idiom is ‘just around the corner‘ (despite being here already,in fact).

If something is just around the corner, then it is expected to happen very soon.

So have a great weekend everyone and enjoy every moment because Monday morning is just around the corner and once it’s here there’ll be no looking back…

cat corner


5 thoughts on “The Friday Phrase

    • I think that summer finally started here, the last couple of days have been pretty warm and I really hope it stays like this.
      My favourite is when you can go out in the evening with no extra layers (coats and jackets and scarves and hats make life warmer but you are less free than when it’s just you in your shorts and vest top and apart from that I always end up losing something!)
      Anyway, I wait for warm evenings the whole year so I hope they are not around the corner but already turning it!

      • I agree with you. Durably without socks is the best time of the year 😉 I love swimming! Wether here keeps us waiting. Did you heared about the floadings here?
        I don’t allow me to moan because I’m not direct affected but all lakes are blocked now. 😦 After weeks of cold and alldaylong rain we had a couple of sunny days. Yesterday evening I was for a nightly stroll in IN – there is some space for a cheeky Egarden left 😉

      • E-garden international…hehehe 🙂

        I saw the floods on the news, really terrible, the damage is extensive.

        I wonder if it’s just freak weather or mother nature rebelling against all that we are doing to her…?

        Here summer is also delaying its arrival. Every time there is a sunny day I am sure that this is it, but Saturday and Sunday were rainy again 😦

        I need the summer to get here asap, if not I will be very grumpy…

      • Read a big report about the current wether, it’s because the clima change, which has changed the jetstream in 10 km heigh. We had a couple of very warm years and many people thought secretly, clima change – GREAT!
        Now mother nature hits back!
        I’m sorry to hear that you also bothered with rain – spain sounds so eternal sunny for me. I’m also bugged of the endless gray but I have to admit it makes me very industrial *crooked smile*

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