A Word for Wednesday

Today’s word is cushy, an adjective we use to describe a job that is undemanding, easy and involves little effort for big rewards (and it may be useful to note that this word can have slightly pejorative connotations).

Mable, for example, has the cushy job of supervising the cushions here at The English Garden, yet is the first to complain about how hard she works.

cushyWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of a cushy job?
Do you have one?
Would you like one?

Tell us about it and practise your English!


Another Word for Wednsday

Today this blog has reached 50 followers and so, to commemorate this historic occasion, the second Word for Wednesday is thanks.

Thanks for reading, commenting, liking and contributing, or even just looking.
Thank you to those who have just joined and to those who have been here since before it even started.

For anyone who has come across one of my musings, I hope you’ve found it useful and that it made you think (about English, life or even just lunch) and if not, I hope that it at least made you smile.

I’m including some images which have appeared in previous posts, see if you can remember what words or expression they refer to (if you then click on them you’ll get the answer).*

Anyway, thanks again everyone!

The English Gardener

blissbirdquestion markconfidantsgardening heart

* Ok, I admit, this was in fact just a cheap excuse to get a bit more mileage out of these photos as they are the most time consuming part of creating this blog (the fairies can be quite demanding, often unhappy with how they have come out and therefore requiring many re-takes, Gregory doesn’t stop singing while being photographed and Chloe is very impatient…!)

A Word for Wednesday

Today’s word for Wednesday is figure out, a phrasal verb meaning to understand or make sense of something.

museum‘It had been a while since a work of art had taken her breath away like that. Yet despite spending what seemed like an eternity in front of his latest masterpiece she still couldn’t quite figure out what the artist was trying to say.’

Is there something you need help figuring out?
Tell us about it and practise your English (and, who knows, maybe get some clarity!).

The Weekly Wish

Happy Monday everyone!

This week I wish you a restful and relaxing week.

You can practise your English by telling us about a restful holiday you’ve had, would like to go on, or perhaps have just come back from.
Alternatively you can write in with something relaxing you did over the weekend or just something you find relaxing.

And remember: if you don’t know the adjectives of the week you can look them up on www.dictionary.com and then use them here or in your next class!


A Word for Wednesday

Today’s word is demure an adjective meaning quiet, modest, reserved and very properly behaved.

Though everyone else at the party was dancing and going crazy, she remained demure.


Here at the English Garden we would not describe ourselves as demure, in fact at any given party we’re most likely be found on the dance floor busting some ‘Michael moves’, in a manner not too dissimilar to this video (we’d like to think ;)).

A Word for Wednesday

Today’s Word for Wednesday is the noun confidant (not to be confused with ‘confident’, an adjective meaning having strong belief or full assurance; or having no uncertainty about one’s own abilities, correctness, successfulness).

A confidant is a person you trust enough to tell anything to. They might give advice, too.

Here at The English Garden we are lucky to have a couple of close confidants with whom we can share our thoughts, hopes and occasional problems, and when we need it they give us great advice too!

And you? Tell us about it and practise your English!


The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday Afternoon.

To break the ice, the first idiom we will look at is break the ice.

When you break the ice, you overcome any initial shyness when you meet someone for the first time and start talking.

So have a good weekend and if you meet someone new, perhaps at a party, a good way to break the ice is simply to smile 🙂