A Word for Wednesday

Today’s word is cushy, an adjective we use to describe a job that is undemanding, easy and involves little effort for big rewards (and it may be useful to note that this word can have slightly pejorative connotations).

Mable, for example, has the cushy job of supervising the cushions here at The English Garden, yet is the first to complain about how hard she works.

cushyWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of a cushy job?
Do you have one?
Would you like one?

Tell us about it and practise your English!


A Tip for Tuesday

Today’s tip is about combining two essential activities: learning and interior design.

A good way to learn (or remind yourself of) basic vocabulary for everyday things is by using post-it notes.

Sticking them on objects in and around the house will help remind you of the words every time you see them as well as add a touch of neon to your home decor 🙂