The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday Afternoon

Today’s idiom is ‘off the beaten track‘.

Somewhere that’s off the beaten track is in a remote location.

So if like Chloe and her aunt and uncle Ned and Sheila, you are going somewhere off the beaten track this weekend, enjoy yourself and tell us all about it when you return!



The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday afternoon.

Today’s idiom is run-of-the-mill.

If something is run-of-the-mill, it is ordinary or average.

So, be it run-of-the-mill or not, we wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend!


Some mills near Tafalla, Spain

A Thought for Thursday

A little something to think about when using English 🙂

Continuing on from yesterday, our thought today turns to the wonderful world of work.

As we have mentioned in a past post, in English you work on a project.
Seeing as variety is the spice of life (even when it comes to prepositions, it seems) you work in a sector but for a company.

Otherwise, you might be self employed, unemployed, retired or living a life of leisure somewhere near the sea… seaWhat sector do you work in or would like to work in? Tell us about it and practise your English!

The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday afternoon

Today’s idiom is backseat driver.

A backseat driver is a person who (annoyingly) is fond of giving you advice while you are performing a task or doing something, especially when the advice is wrong, unwelcome or both.

So have a good weekend everyone and if you find yourself in the back of the proverbial car, instead of being a backseat driver why not just sit back and enjoy the views 🙂

back seatClick here for back seat driving at its best!

The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms or Friday Afternoon

Today’s idiom is rain on your parade.

If someone rains on your parade, they ruin your enjoyment or your plans.

So enjoy whatever you have planned this weekend, and as well and no one raining on your lovely parade let’s hope it doesn’t rain at all!


The Friday Phrase

Today’s expression is ‘so much for (something)’ which we use to express disappointment at the fact that a situation is not as we had expected or hoped it would be.


The next morning, when she walked into the warehouse the place was still a mess. ‘So much for his promises to arrange the stock in alphabetical order by the end of the week’, she thought….

We hope your Friday morning has been far less disappointing and wish you a great weekend!

The Friday Phrase

Fabulous Idioms for Friday Afternoon

Today’s idiom is head in the clouds.

If a person has their head in the clouds, they have unrealistic, impractical ideas.

So enjoy the weekend and if you find you have your head in the clouds, don’t worry, here at The English Garden we believe that from way up there the view can be rather enlightening at times!


Another Word for Wednsday

Today this blog has reached 50 followers and so, to commemorate this historic occasion, the second Word for Wednesday is thanks.

Thanks for reading, commenting, liking and contributing, or even just looking.
Thank you to those who have just joined and to those who have been here since before it even started.

For anyone who has come across one of my musings, I hope you’ve found it useful and that it made you think (about English, life or even just lunch) and if not, I hope that it at least made you smile.

I’m including some images which have appeared in previous posts, see if you can remember what words or expression they refer to (if you then click on them you’ll get the answer).*

Anyway, thanks again everyone!

The English Gardener

blissbirdquestion markconfidantsgardening heart

* Ok, I admit, this was in fact just a cheap excuse to get a bit more mileage out of these photos as they are the most time consuming part of creating this blog (the fairies can be quite demanding, often unhappy with how they have come out and therefore requiring many re-takes, Gregory doesn’t stop singing while being photographed and Chloe is very impatient…!)

The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday afternoon

Today’s idiom is ‘different kettle of fish‘.

If something is a different kettle of fish, it is very different from the other things referenced.

So have a good weekend everyone and enjoy every minute of it because come Monday it will all be a different kettle of fish.


The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday afternoon

Today’s idiom is take your breath away.

If something takes your breath away, it astonishes and surprises you or overwhelms you with its beauty or grandeur.

One of our dear students, Sara (specialization: Orchard Management) sent us the image below to share with you all.

breath awaySo have a great weekend and if you see something that takes your breath away, why not take a photo of it and maybe share it with us here.