A Thought for Thursday

In English you can be on holiday or off somewhere nice.

Chloe, for example is off to Galicia tomorrow to visit her uncle Ned and aunt Sheila.

And what about you? Any plans?
Tell us about it and practise your English!


The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday afternoon.

Today’s idiom is run-of-the-mill.

If something is run-of-the-mill, it is ordinary or average.

So, be it run-of-the-mill or not, we wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend!


Some mills near Tafalla, Spain

The Weekly Wish

This week I wish you a fulfilling and fortuitous week.

To practise your English why not tell us about a fortuitous incident that has happened to you recently or about a project, process or pastime you find fulfilling.

And remember: if you don’t know the adjectives of the week you can look them up on www.dictionary.com and then use them here or in your next class!


The Friday Phrase

Fabulous Idioms for Friday Afternoon

Today’s idiom is head in the clouds.

If a person has their head in the clouds, they have unrealistic, impractical ideas.

So enjoy the weekend and if you find you have your head in the clouds, don’t worry, here at The English Garden we believe that from way up there the view can be rather enlightening at times!