A Thought for Thursday

In English you can be on holiday or off somewhere nice.

Chloe, for example is off to Galicia tomorrow to visit her uncle Ned and aunt Sheila.

And what about you? Any plans?
Tell us about it and practise your English!


A Thought for Thursday

A little something to think about when using English 🙂

Continuing on from yesterday, our thought today turns to the wonderful world of work.

As we have mentioned in a past post, in English you work on a project.
Seeing as variety is the spice of life (even when it comes to prepositions, it seems) you work in a sector but for a company.

Otherwise, you might be self employed, unemployed, retired or living a life of leisure somewhere near the sea… seaWhat sector do you work in or would like to work in? Tell us about it and practise your English!

A Thought for Thursday

A little something to think about when using English

birdIn English we work on a project and focus on something.

I’m trying to focus on writing this post, but it’s hard to concentrate with Gregory singing next door.

What are you working on at the moment?
What do you need to focus on?
Tell us about it and practise your English!

The Friday Phrase

Fabulous idioms for Friday afternoon

eyeToday’s idiom is ‘keep an eye out

If you keep an eye out for something, you are watching carefully to see when it appears or happens.


So have a great weekend and keep an eye out for more helpful hints in next week’s English Gardener’s Tips.

A Tip for Tuesday

clockToday’s tip for Tuesday is all about saving time.

When you come across a verb have a look to see if it is followed by a preposition. If it is, learn them together.

This will save time in class as there will be less mistakes to correct. 🙂

For examples of this you can take a look at some of the verbs mentioned in our Valentine’s Day post, and italicized for your convenience.

You can also click on the tag ‘prepositions’ at the end of this post, and as if by magic, all posts referring to verbs followed by prepositions will appear.

The Friday Phrase

Today’s Friday Phrase is the phrasal verb ‘to be put out‘ meaning to be upset, annoyed or inconvenienced by something or someone.

Here in the serene surroundings of The English Garden we are rarely put out by anything but for Chloe it was a different story this morning.

Following a week of prolific output, she was looking forward to a delicious English breakfast. She was therefore rather put out when she discovered there were no eggs left (and quite understandably so, might we add).

We hope your breakfast this morning went without a hitch and, as always, wish you a great weekend!

A Thought for Thursday

heartsAs it’s Valentine’s day, this Thursday our thought for the day turns to that crazy little thing called love.

Love comes in many shapes and sizes and has almost as many synonyms as it does incarnations.

You can love, like, cherish, adore or admire another.

You might be captivated by, crazy about, or think the world of someone.

Indeed, you may fall for, lose your heart to, or merely have a huge crush on them.

Whatever it is – we hope you’re enjoying it!

Here in the English Garden, we prize the plants, treasure the trees and are fond of the fairies, but at the end of the day, much like a certain Mr Williams (in this case Robert, not Tennessee) we’re loving Angels instead.

Happy Valentine’s day all and much love from all of us here at The English Garden.

xxx   flowers

A Thought for Thursday

A little something to think about when using English 🙂

For this first instalment, a point related to the tag line of this post:
In English we think ABOUT things.

When I cycle to my classes I often think about how curious and charming Barcelona is.

What might the woman in the red coat be thinking about?
What do you think about on your way to school or work?

Tell us about it and practise your English!